"Beyond the beliefs of any religion, there is the truth of human spirit. Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart"............Tarthang Tulku


Since I was a child, I have always had an inner knowledge about events to come. As a child, I was frequently caught in school looking out the window watching the clouds but in actuality I was seeing pictures of events to come. Although I didn’t completely understand it, I knew I could never tell anyone about this “gift” for fear that that no one would believe me.

After my parents separated, the sadness in my heart was too much to bear. At this point I turned away and slowly shut her heart from the world. Without realizing it, I started down a path of darkness.  I grew sadder and angrier and darkness consumed my entire being.

Then, at what seemed to be the lowest point in my life, an amazing event happened. An angel stopped me from what could have been the end. Since that moment angels haven’t stopped visiting. I started to hear them speaking to me, and I recognized that they were always there, they were just waiting for me to SEE and HEAR them. And then my SEEING slowly became stronger and I walked more into the light.

When some of my family members suffered loss through symptoms of mental and emotional illness or even death I kept thinking “there has to be something more than just medicine, Chemo or antidepressants out there to help people.” Then I discovered energy therapy, in particular, Reiki. So in the year 2008, I began my studies in energy medicine.

Now, I believe that positive changes can and do happen though they may not happen overnight. But if you ask the right question and remain open to possibilities there is NO THING that can stop you. Debbie has a passion for helping others and she brings this passion and love to you.  I have acquired many tools and techniques and I am ready to share some of what I have learned with YOU so YOU can empower YOU.

I only asks that you answer one question:

 “If you could heal, shift, change, clear, modify, empower, expand or manifest ANYTHING with an energy session what would it be?” Write this down on a piece of paper, find some quiet time, light a candle, and trust. The answer will come as it did for ME.

Bring your answer in a sealed unsigned envelope to your first appointment.

Why I Choose SANCTUARY as my Business name

There is no JUDGMENT here

There is only LOVE

This is a place for feeling SAFE

A place to begin HEALING

A place to be HEARD



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